The Final Product

Welcome to my new subdomain for my final project! Before reading more about this project I suggest you read my first draft where I outline how this project connects. I hope you are able to look around my domain and see all the media I have created specifically for this project. This project best connects my past brainstorms, assignments, and our 80’s theme. Not to mention I had a lot of fun while creating it!

To start the process of creating this I created this subdomain and registered it to my class blog. I designed the homepage to have an 80’s vibe and easy access to all the media I created for this project.


Via the homepage you can access the podcasts I made by interviewing family and friends about their experiences. I created 4 podcasts on soundcloud. I also created a commercial, bumper, and outro for each podcast to unify the show and use more audio manipulation. I used audacity to put together all of my clips and garageband for the sound bits and voice manipulation. In each podcast I discuss with the guest what aspects of the 80’s affected them the most and what trends were generated by this. I used canva to create episode labels for each episode. All of my commercials are based on 80’s trends as well.


I created 4 videos for this project. There is also a link to view the videos I created for the project as well. I used iMovie to put together video and picture clips from the 80’s and from today’s styles that mimic the 80’s. Since I have been cultivating this project since my midterm radio show I was able to use a few videos I previously created and upload them to this subdomain. In my videos I analyzed 2 specific shows from the 80s, I created a trailer for the host ‘Lindsey’, and I created a new video about Madonna because, based on my interviews Madonna was a big influencer of 80’s style.

I created designs for the channel by showing them as merchandise for the show. I created designs for the show using canva and then uploaded them onto a blank image of a t shirt. I created a new page for my designs, uploaded them as merchandise, and added it to my homepage for easy access.

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Lastly, as a digital aspect I created an email, soundcloud for podcasts, twitter, vimeo, and instagram for the channel. I uploaded on all of these platforms as an announcement for the new show. I also created a form to become a guest on the show and incorporated this into one of my podcasts.

I hope you enjoy this project and have a chance to check out this new subdomain I created! Please listen to the podcast and let me know your thoughts!

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